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Birth of Yuh Tong

As a native firm in Chiayi, Yuh Tong Construction Group enjoys the glamour of Mt. Alishan, therefore we believe it is our responsibility to promote the culture of the areas surrounding Mt. Alishan by developing tourism and increasing employment opportunities together with the local municipality. As a result, an idea to venture into the hotel industry was conceived and Yuh Tong Hotel was born.

Construction of the hotel began in March 2011 and it was inaugurated in September 2012. During construction, Chairman Huang was deeply moved by the commitment demonstrated by the firm, the entire workforce and engineers to achieve a common goal – to make Yuh Tong Hotel the premier accommodation choice in Chiayi City.


Brand Persistence

Yuh Tong Hotel is one of the business groups of Yuh Tong Construction Group in Chiayi. For 25 years, Yuh Tong Construction Group has steadily gained client confidence through the spirit of prioritizing safety and quality, thereby establishing an extraordinary brand image – Yuh Tong. We expect to bring travelers into our “life”, experience our “culture” and appreciate our “hospitality”. Starting from the hotel’s culture and natural environment, traditional crafts in Chiayi such as Chinese cypress sculptures, stone monkey sculptures and Koji potteries are used to decorate the public space. Our thoughtful service staff will bring you refreshments when you arrive in the lobby. For guests who are staying in our hotel, the exclusive tea-serving service will be offered so that besides savoring the unique aroma of Yuh Tong’s Alishan high mountain tea, you can also experience Yuh Tong’s attentive service. At Yuh Tong, moving emotions are more important than satisfaction.